Apply for Agricultural Education Grant, Training Grant

Grant applications will now be considered once each year at the Foundation’s annual meeting held in June. The submission deadline for grant requests to be considered in the annual cycle is May 1. Every effort is made to notify applicants as soon as a decision is reached. Applicants to the Foundation should include the following materials in their submission:

  • Download the Grant Guidelines (PDF)
  • A letter, no longer than two pages, describing the organization, the proposed program or activity, the funding amount requested and an evaluation methodology.
  • The most recent audited annual financial report.
  • A current operating budget summary, including fund-raising goals and a current donor list.
  • A detailed budget summary for the proposed project or program, indicating what portion would be funded by the grant request.
  • The current Board of Directors roster, including their affiliations.
  • A copy of the Section 501C(3) letter from the IRS.
  • A statement of affiliation with the United Way or other federated fund-raising campaigns.
  • Additional information about the organization and/or project.

Additional guidelines for repeat requests:

  • Information regarding previous grant:
    • When expended
    • Purpose
    • Results vs. Expectations
    • Update on organization’s successes and challenges

Where to Send Proposals:

Send all materials by email to: [email protected]