Featured Grantees

Cornell University Dairy Fellows Program

Cornell University Dairy Fellows Program

The mission of the Department of Animal Science is to discover and disseminate new knowledge about the biology and management of domestic animals; apply this knowledge to benefit society through the efficient, humane, and environmentally responsible use of animals for food, companionship, and recreation; and educate students for careers in animal biology and management

Learning Through Gardening

Providing New Jersey elementary schools with financial, educational and agricultural resources to create a school garden that is used as a learning laboratory. Teachers are encouraged to use the school garden to teach their standard curriculum, including math, science, social studies, health, and language arts. Students will have the opportunity to learn how healthy, nutritious food is produced, why it is important to include fruits and vegetables in their diets, and the reasons to care for their environment.

PA Friends of Agriculture Foundation

The Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation was created in October of 1986 when a group of forward-thinking farmers and business leaders recognized the need to identify agricultural issues before they became  problems. The Foundation’s mission was and is preserving and promoting agriculture.

Lead NY

Lead NY

“LEAD New York, a two-year program of seminars, workshops and field travel, is for committed individuals who wish to step up and make a difference in our state’s food and agricultural industry.”

NJ Agricultural Society

New Jersey Agricultural Society

Dependence on agriculture knows no boundaries. Urban and rural, wealthy and poor, white collar or blue collar, young and old, developed nation or developing nation, any culture, any race . . . no matter how people are classified, agriculture is the lifeline that supports them all. Agriculture provides all of our food, clothing, and shelter.

North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge

North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge

“To facilitate education, communication and an exchange of ideas among students, agribusiness, dairy producers and universities that enhances the development of the dairy industry and its leaders.”

2021 Grant Recipients

Grant Recipient 2021  
Conrad Weiser Science Research Institute $2,000
Retreat Farm $2,000
Wellsboro High School Agriscience Horticulture Program $2,000
Holstein Foundation $5,000
National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization $5,000
Pennsylvania State University, RULE Program $5,000
Wolfe’s Neck Farm Foundation $5,000
Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont $9,178
LEAD Maryland $10,000
NY Animal Agriculture Coalition $10,000
New Jersey Agricultural Society $10,000
NYS Junior Dairy Leader $10,000
Center for Dairy Excellence $15,000
Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation $15,000
Pennsylvania FFA $20,000
LEAD NY $30,000
Grand Total $155,178